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Our smart store provides a fully managed and customized selection of snacks and beverages that never runs out and always stays on budget.

Zero effort

Our service is fully managed – no shopping, no ordering, no opening boxes, no restocking, nothing.

Always stocked

We can see when you’re running low or when items aren’t popular, and will automatically restock or swap items.

Great selection

Healthy snacks, beverages, quick & easy meals, medications and more! It’s a customizable micro market, in your office.

Match your budget

Set a per employee budget –extra purchases are charged to employees to avoid waste or hoarding. Never go over budget.

Smart Tech

Our innovative tech does cool stuff like track real-time inventory and allows requests through our app.

Risk Free

No additional costs beyond your per employee budget. You can change your budget or cancel anytime.

Before Stockwell, I was going to Costco twice a week and wasting time unboxing chips and blowing my budget. Now, we always have a huge variety of options, and I never spend more than I planned.

– Adam Fisher, Luxury Presence


Employees set up an account once in the Stockwell app, then they have 24/7 access to the smart store. Once the company provided budget runs out, employees can keep
shopping with their personal credit card.

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What is your per employee budget?




per day
per employee

Billed monthly

Each employee gets
2 to 3 items per week.





per day
per employee

Billed monthly

Each employee gets
1 drink and snack per day.



Billed monthly

Each employee gets
unlimited snacks.




Billed monthly

Set your own total monthly budget.


Our product selection has
something for everyone.


From nuts to granola we’ve got a plethora of healthy items.


Your favorite sodas and teas
to quench any thirst.

Power Beverages

These pick-me-up drinks will help you power through the day.


Chips, cookies, and other crispy items to cure the munchies.

Candy &

Because everyone needs a bit of sugary yum at some point.

Medicine &

All the medicine cabinet basics to help alleviate simple ailments.


Options include dietary needs, like keto, vegan, and gluten free.

Quick & easy

Whether staff works early or  late, we’ve got meals to satisfy.

The benefits of Stockwell.

Manage it all in-house, placing online orders

Snack box companies

See employee specific budgets

Consistently stocked all
month long

No onsite labor needed

Budget controls -
never go over budget

Equal benefits to all employees

Request new items

Real-time inventory tracking

Wide product variety (snacks, drinks, meds, quick meals)

Zero spoilage

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